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Seven's Axiom S is an amazing and progressive bike -- not just within Seven's line. It's unlike any other bike on the market. The Axiom S offers Seven's full palette of customization possibilities, it's all titanium, handmade in-house at Seven, boasts the toughest, most durable frame on the road, and it's priced about a third lower than bikes of similar quality and specification. We don't think there's any other bike that offers this set of features.

The RaceHorse edition provides this Axiom S with the industry benchmark new generation Shimano Ultegra groupset.  Durable, flawless, brand new -- just like the Axiom S titanium frame.

Order yours before the June 4 deadline.

For full details visit our Axiom RaceHorse page.

Reserve your Axiom S with Shimano Ultegra 8020 today.  Your $500 deposit guarantees you:

  1.  A total of $595 off the bike:
  •  Season Jump Start:  3-week lead-time through our First Priority Framebuilding system which is normally an upcharge investment of $400.  For RaceHorse customers we're foregoing the upcharge.
  •  Seven's All Out Speed Kit at no charge -- a $195 value.
  1.  A place in our build queue so you'll have no delays.
  2.  3-week lead-time. Once we've confirmed the design with you, your bike will be ready to ride within three weeks. Seven's current lead-time is about to hit 6-weeks so reserve your expedited lead-time before it's too late.  You'll get your bike twice as fast as anyone else.


When you're placing your deposit, please include a phone number so we can be in touch if you're email address puts our communication in your spam folder.  We'll follow up with you within 24-hours.  Thank you for your interest in investing in a Seven!