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Current lead times: Unpainted frame: 7 weeks. Painted frame: 9 weeks.

U.S. Built Custom Bicycles in Titanium and Titanium-Carbon Mix


Mobius Dual Suspension

The Mobius dual suspension bike excels at long rides on varied terrain that features punchy climbs and technical descents. This bike wants to be out all day, and excels at climbing without needing a mechanical lockout mechanism to transfer all your power to the pedals. Butted frame tubing adds to the bike’s dynamic compliance and gives the rider greater control over the bike as a whole. Short chainstays add traction and acceleration to the mix.

Balance Control System

Seven introduced its first dual suspension bike, the Pendere, more than 20 years ago. That bike incorporated a four-bar linkage, a feature we preserve in our latest dual suspension designs. Later we offered a progressive suspension bike line with models like the Duo and Duo-Lux. For those, we collaborated with Paul Turner, the founder of Rock Shox and Maverick. Over the years we’ve worked with other suspension gurus, too. Trends and technologies have moved forward over the decades, but the basics of full-suspension bikes, the need to deliver a stable climbing platform coupled to a dynamic shock absorption system, remain the same.

Seven’s BCS suspension project takes everything we’ve learned in our 20-plus years and applies it in some new ways. Seven’s BCS suspension platform incorporates that proven, classic, workhorse four-bar linkage system with our ability to customize and tailor bikes in unique ways.

The result isn’t one bike, but a platform for creating the perfect bike for your style of riding and personal preferences.

Mountain bike terminology has spiraled out of control over the last 5 years with new bikes spawning new categories that overlap with other new bikes in their own new categories.

What we have done with the BCS is both simplify and yet also hold open the door of possibilities in that way we do, offering modifications and variations that let you straddle categories, personalize your ride experience, and basically create your own category.

Here, is the simplicity part:

For all BCS models we offer 27.5 and 29er variations. You can optimize for race width tires or larger volume tires. Geometrically, you can blur the lines between categories. We can build for 1x or 2x drivetrains.

This is Seven bringing our manufacturing capabilities, specifically our methods for customizing, to a production suspension bike. This built-to-order process enables Seven to offer more versions and options than any other suspension system we’ve seen yet.

Learn more about the Mobius SL and some of the exciting builds you can order today.